Olympus IPLEX NX Videoprobe –  4mm / 3.5m

Available as:
  • Rental

Olympus IPLEX NX Videoprobe –  4mm / 3.5m –  Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology.

With innovative image processing software and stereo measurement capabilities the Olympus IPLEX NX Videoprobe is suitable for inspection diameters from 4mm and comes with a 3.5m probe length.  

The Olympus IPLEX NX provides an exceptional view of your inspection area by combining a high-resolution CCD, an intensely-bright laser diode illumination system and PulsarPic image processing software.

To further enhance your visual inspection and the possibility of detecting defects, the IPLEX NX utilises a built-in 21.3cm screen which allows you to perform live analysis on your application area. The NX can also record JPEG images and MPEG-4 videos, for further offsite analysis / reporting. 

Capable of stereo measurement inspection, the IPLEX NX can analyse the following defect characteristics -

  • Length/Distance
  • Depth
  • Point to Line
  • Area
  • Multi-Segment Length

To learn more about Stereo Measurement please click here.

A development in technology now means that the IPLEX NX is capable of measuring flaws in a larger inspection area and from further distances than previous models, making inspections easier. 

With a detachable monitor, you’re able to position the IPLEX NX to suit your application area and maximise operator comfort.  The unit also rents with a handheld remote control which allows you to control brightness, zooming, display switching, recording, joystick operation, spot ranging and the activation of measurement function.

Simple to operate, the IPLX NX has full tip articulation (up/down/right/left – up to 130°) and is suitable for a number of remote visual applications including combustion chambers, turbines and aircraft engines. 

Rents with: IPLEX NX Videoprobe System, 100 minute battery pack x 2, Battery charger, Mains lead, Reporting software, Handheld remote control and 2m extension cable 

Standard TipsField of view (up to)Direction of viewDepth of fieldOuter diameter
IV94-AT120D/NF120˚Forward2–200 mm4mm
Optional Tips (required for
Stereo Measurement)
Field of view (up to)Direction of viewDepth of fieldOuter diameter
AT70D/70D-IV94N70˚/70˚Forward/Forward5–200 mm4mm
AT50S/50S-IV94N50˚/50˚Side/Side3–150 mm4mm

Renting the Olympus IPLEX NX Videoprobe
Available on a short or long term basis, the Olympus IPLEX NX Videoprobe will arrive ready to use straight out of the box. Once your job is complete, you can either return the equipment to us, or contact us to arrange a collection. It’s that simple!

Key features

  • Scope Diameter: 4mm
  • Length: 3.5m
  • Stereo Measurement: Yes
  • Image Software: PulsarPic + InHelp
  • Light Source: Built-in Laser Diode Illumination System
  • Output: Image / Video
  • Tip Articulation: Up/Down, Left/Right (up to 130°)
  • Power: 100 Minute Battery Pack x 2 | Mains Lead | Battery Charger


  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Wind Power
  • Process Industries

Technical specifications

Scope Unit
Insertion tube
Scope diameterφ4.0 mm
Scope length3.5 m
ExteriorHigh-durability tungsten braid
Tube flexibilityUniform stiffness
Optical system
Field of viewSelectable by optical tip adapter
Direction of viewAdapter for Stereo measurement attachable
IlluminationHigh-intensity laser diode
Articulation Section
Articulation angle up/down/right/leftup to 130°
Articulation operationTrueFeel scope tip articulation with electronic power-assist
Base Unit
LCD monitor8.4-inch daylight-view touch screen LCD, clear type
Input terminalS-Video
Output terminalVGA
USB connectorType A connector, Version 2.0 standards
Power supplyBattery: 14.8 V nominal, approx. 100-minute operating time. AC power: 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz (with supplied AC adaptor)
Recording mediaSDHC card and USB flash memory(Still image recording only)
Still image recording - ResolutionH768 x V576 (Pixel)
Still image recording - Recording formatCompressed JPEG format
Video recording - ResolutionH768 x V576 (Pixel)
Video recording - Recording formatMPEG-4 AVC (H.264) format, Windows Media Player compatible
Stereo measurement
DistanceDistance between two points.
Point-to-linePerpendicular distance between a point and a user-defined line.
DepthOrthogonal depth/height distance between a point and a user-defined plane.
Area/LinesMultiple point circumference and area measurement.
Optical Adapter Specifications - AT70D/70D-IV94N - Stereo Measurement
Field of view70°/70°
Direction of viewForward
Depth of field5 to 200 mm
Outer diameterφ4.0 mm
Distal end22.3 mm
Optical Adapter Specifications - AT50S/50S-IV94N - Stereo Measurement
Field of view50°/50°
Direction of viewSide
Depth of field3 to 150 mm
Outer diameterφ4.0 mm
Distal end26.7 mm
Optical Adapter Specifications - AT120D/NF-IV94N - Standard View
Field of view120°
Direction of viewForward
Depth of field2 to 200 mm
Outer diameterφ4.0 mm
Distal end20.2 mm


IPLEX MX System - IV9435N320 x 310 x 18012.6 x 12.3 x 7.17.1 kg (with battery)


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