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  1. March 2012 - Ashtead Technology invests in Calibration Laboratories

    Leading subsea equipment rental company Ashtead Technology has made a substantial investment in order to operate established equipment calibration facilities in all its office locations. In addition to the standard range of product calibration services, the Singapore and Aberdeen branches offer the ability to calibrate depth, temperature, conductivity and sound velocity equipment to manufacturer’s standards. These calibration facilities have been audited and approved by Valeport Ltd: a leading… Read more ›

  2. March 2012 - Ashtead Technology invests in $1.4m of Sonardyne 6G Technology

    Leading subsea equipment rental company Ashtead Technology has announced the purchase of $1.4m of Sonardyne 6G subsea acoustic positioning equipment. The announcement was made on the opening day of the Oceanology International 2012 exhibition and conference in London.The new equipment will be added to Ashtead Technology’s extensive worldwide rental fleet and includes Compatt 6 transponders equipped with sound velocity, digiquartz and inclinometer sensors, ROVNav6 LBL transceivers,… Read more ›

  3. March 2012 - Ashtead Technology expands Vortex product line

    Leading marine equipment rental company Ashtead Technology has expanded its product line with Vortex International Ltd. Ashtead Technology has been the exclusive Global Rental Representative within the Oil and Gas sector for the rental of the Vortex Dredge Unit for over a year.The Vortex product range (renowned for the most powerful 4 inch ROV and diver dredge unit in the world) has now expanded to include 3, 4 and 6 inch dredges, soft line cutters, ROV mounted deep water underwater oil… Read more ›

  4. March 2012 - Ashtead Technology invests in the latest Reson technology

    With demand for multibeam echosounders on the increase, Ashtead Technology has invested in six new Reson SeaBat 7125ROV2 high-resolution multibeam echosounders. SeaBat multibeam sonars are designed to meet surveyors need for fast and reliable operation with ultra wide swathe coverage and outstanding submarine data collection, even in the most challenging waters, and can be mounted on a ROV or a vessel.The new generation SeaBat 7125ROV2, now available to rent from Ashtead Technology, builds… Read more ›