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Articles published in 2013


  1. December 2013 - Rental solution for old landfill gas analysers

    Ashtead Technology has an effective, low-cost solution for customers dealing with gas analyser obsolescence. For example, Geotech landfill gas analysers first manufactured in 1999 have now been replaced and updated to incorporate the latest technology, such as GPS and Bluetooth. For users of these much older analysers, the facility to hire instruments from Ashtead Technology’s fleet of the latest models, provides a smooth transition from redundant instruments to the latest technology.The… Read more ›

  2. December 2013 - Sonardyne completes final record-breaking deliveries for Ashtead Technology

    With 2013 drawing to a close, Sonardyne International Ltd. has fulfilled the final deliveries of the year of 6G acoustic positioning technology to leading subsea equipment specialists, Ashtead Technology. In what has been a record-breaking year of investment by the Aberdeen-based company in Sonardyne 6G, with a total spend of $5 million USD, this latest consignment of equipment has seen GyroCompatt 6s, Ranger 2 and Scout Plus positioning systems and GyroUSBL transceivers all added to Ashtead’s… Read more ›

  3. December 2013 - Ashtead Technology appoints Tim Sheehan as Commercial Director

    Leading international subsea equipment solutions specialist, Ashtead Technology has strengthened its management team with the appointment of Tim Sheehan as Commercial Director.The appointment comes as part of the company’s strategy to expand its global service offering which includes rental equipment, calibration, repair and maintenance, offshore personnel and bespoke engineered solutions.Chief Executive Allan Pirie said: “We experienced strong growth throughout 2012 and anticipate a busy… Read more ›

  4. November 2013 - CCTV hire supports excellence in drain services

    With more than 40 regional drain cleaning service centres across the country, Metro Rod provides a 24 hour service to anyone with blocked or damaged drains, pipes, toilets, sinks etc. To support this capability, the company and its franchisees maintain a fleet of the latest equipment such as tankers, high pressure jets, excavators, pipe liners and CCTV surveying equipment.To ensure a fast and effective response to all customer requests during periods of peak demand, many of the franchisees… Read more ›

  5. October 2013 - OmniScan rental fleet supports growth of advanced NDT

    As part of a strategy to create a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, Ashtead Technology has invested in a fleet of the latest OmniScan® flaw detection instruments from Olympus. In combination with a high level of technical support, this unique initiative is bringing the advantages of advanced NDT to a wider group of professionals within markets such as aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, military, power generation including renewable energy, oil and gas, and… Read more ›