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  1. June 2018 - Ashtead Technology adds bracelet pipe scanner to rental fleet

    In response to an increased demand for the ability to inspect smaller diameter pipes, Ashtead Technology has added the Phoenix Bracelet Scanner and the latest custom phased array probes to its fleet of rental NDT instruments. “At just 13mm the Bracelet is an extremely low profile scanner for phased array or ToFD weld inspections of small bore pipes,” says NDT Market Manager Steve Drake. “Quick and easy to set up and run with one of our Olympus OmniScans or other PAUT units, the Bracelet can be… Read more ›

  2. May 2018 - ATEX multigas monitor added to Ashtead Technology rental fleet

    In response to customer demand and increased awareness of the threats posed by both indoor and outdoor pollution, Ashtead Technology has added the ‘AreaRAE Steel’ to its fleet of air quality monitors.“With the ability to either rent or sell instruments, we are often the first point of call when customers have a new or expanded monitoring requirement,” says Ashtead’s Josh Thomas. “Increasingly, we are being asked for devices with multiparameter capability, so that their use is not restricted… Read more ›

  3. April 2018 - Gas Monitor Rental Guide

    With instruments available for Hydrogen Sulphide, Benzene, Oxygen, VOCs and Methane (+ many more!) our gas monitoring range covers a number of applications. To help you keep track of what you can hire, we've put together a handy gas monitor guide.The guide gives clear overview of which gases you're able to monitor, the detection limits for each of these gases, which application the monitors are suitable for and any certifications the monitors hold.To download a copy of the guide, please… Read more ›

  4. April 2018 - Why monitor dust in the workplace?

    Almost any place of employment can present a potential threat to health and safety from airborne particulates and aerosols. It is important to note, however, that dust hazards are not necessarily visible to the human eye and that the finest particles can represent the greatest threat because of their ability to travel deepest into the lungs. Effective monitoring is therefore key to the implementation of an effective risk management strategy.There are two major reasons for monitoring dust in… Read more ›

  5. April 2018 - When is gas potentially fatal?

    Following a move to new premises with custom built service facilities, Ashtead Technology has extended its RAE / Honeywell servicing capabilities to help customers ensure the accuracy and reliability of their gas detection activities.RAE Systems products are used in more than 120 countries by many of the world's leading corporations and government agencies. As such, enormous numbers of people rely on these instruments in a wide range of personal and plant safety applications. However, Will… Read more ›