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Introducing the Inficon IRwin – the ideal instrument for methane detection

Developed and manufactured by Inficon (based in Switzerland), the Inficon IRwin® is a portable, intrinsically safe methane specific gas detector with additional capability for LEL, oxygen and toxic gas measurements.

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology, the IRwin is brand new to the UK market and can be used for a number of applications including natural gas network surveys, landfill surface emissions analysis and leak detection.

Five key features of the Inficon IRwin:

  1. “A lot of bang for your buck” –  the Inficon IRwin offers a significant amount of functionality but is much more reasonably priced than comparable units. This gives you access to the appropriate technology without requiring excessive costs.
  2. Measures multiple gases – the Inficon is cable of measuring Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Ethane, Propane,  Butane, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen and  Hydrogen Sulphide. This gives a lot of flexibility for different application requirements.
  3. Distinction between natural gases and marsh gases –  the Inficon IRwin can differentiate between methane (marsh gas) & ethane (natural gas). This ensures you’re accurately identifying methane / ethane and subsequently putting the relevant controls in place.
  4. Full GPS tracking on all data points –  the Inficon IRwin has built in GPS tracking, allowing you to easily assign locations to all of your data readings. This gives full traceability for any reporting and allows you to quickly identify and revert back to problem areas. 
  5. No need to carry hydrogen – the Inficon IRwin utilises an advanced Infrared Sensor meaning there’s no need to need to carry a hydrogen cylinder. This removes any logistic / health & safety restrictions.

The Inficon IRwin has been in our rental fleet for a few months now and has proven incredibly popular because of the above points.  Many customers have moved away from traditional FID units as a result, removing the logistical and health and safety issues associated with carrying and refilling gas cylinders.  The IRwin  is also highly accurate (the measurement range is 1ppm to 100% CH4) whilst being easy to use and flexible to support varying gas monitoring requirements.

Further information and specifications for the Inficon IRwin are available on the product page:

Rental and purchase options
Ashtead Technology offers the Inficon IRwin range for rental, hire and purchase. Rental would be better suited if your monitoring requirements vary across jobs, if your application is only short-term or if you wish to avoid on-going maintenance / depreciation costs.

For purchase requirements, Ashtead Technology are an authorised reseller for the Inficon IRwin in the UK. Our dedicated sales and technical team have received equipment training from Inficon and are on hand to support you throughout the purchase process.

Product demos
Product demonstrations are available for the Inficon IRwin. If you’d like to book one please contact using the details below.

Learn more
If you would like to discuss the Inficon IRwin with a member of the Environmental, Health and Safety team please email or call +44(0)845 270 2070