Export policy

This export policy establishes Ashtead Technology's commitment to sanctions, export control compliance and identifies responsibilities for all employees.

It is the policy of the management of Ashtead Technology that, under no circumstances will rentals, sales or transfers of equipment be made contrary to national or international sanctions or export regulations, including the US, EU, UAE, Singapore and Canadian export regulations.

All Ashtead Technology employees associated with activities that are subject to sanctions and/or export controls will receive training and are required to take precautions to ensure that no violations occur.

Violations of US, EU, UAE, Singapore or Canadian sanctions or export control regulations could result in significant penalties and/or loss of export privileges for Ashtead Technology and for those individuals involved in the violation.

In order to ensure compliance with sanctions and export regulations, all transactions are screened for export and/or re-export license requirements and other restrictions.

The Export Compliance Manager or his deputy will investigate any questions concerning the legitimacy of transactions or violation or possible violation of the US, EU, UAE, Singapore and Canadian export or sanctions regulations.

Questions relating to the export policy can be directed to the following individuals:

Steven Thrasher (Houston) steven.thrasher@ashtead-technology.com

Peter Simpson (UK) peter.simpson@ashtead-technology.com

Neil Christie (Singapore) neil.christie@ashtead-technology.com

John Armstrong (Middle East) john@tesme.com

Tony Hall (Welaptega) a.Hall@welaptega.com

The effectiveness of the internal compliance program is reviewed as part of our internal audit program.

All employees, contractors and others have a duty to co-operate in the operation of this policy. The policy will be displayed at all Company locations and available for review on the Company’s SharePoint site.