HAV Hand Arm Vibration Monitors

Svantek HAV monitors available to purchase (UK only)

Are you looking for a HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) Monitor?

You can purchase the Svantek HAV Monitors from Ashtead Technology.

Suitable for whole body and hand-arm assessments, the Svantek range of personal vibration monitors measure in accordance with the relevant ISO legislation and offer various measurement modes to suit different monitoring requirements

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Svantek HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) Monitors

Available to purchase (UK only)

Svantek SV 106A Personal Vibration Monitor
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  • Personal vibration monitor for whole body and hand-arm assessments
  • Purchase only
  • Measures in accordance with ISO 8041-1:2017, ISO 2631-1,2&5 (including VDV and MTVV), ISO 5349, Directive 2002/44/EC
  • Six channels for acceleration (IEPE type) and two channels for static force measurements
Svantek SV 103 Hand-Arm Vibration Dosimeter
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  • Hand-Arm vibration monitor
  • Purchase only
  • Meets ISO 8041:2005
  • Make measurements in accordance to ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC
  • Attaches to the user's arm, lightweight and unobtrusive design
  • Measurement modes: RMS, Max, Peak, Peak-Peak, Vector, A(8) Daily Dose, ELV and EAV
Svantek SV 100A Whole Body Vibration Dosimeter
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  • Whole body vibration dosimeter
  • Purchase only
  • Measures in accordance with ISO 2631-1
  • Easy to use with simple operation
  • Compatible with SmartPhone app - displays real-time measurements
  • RMS and RMQ detectors allows the calculation of Daily Vibration Exposure
Svantek SV 110 Hand-Held Vibration Calibrator
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  • Hand-held vibration sensor calibrator
  • Purchase only
  • Easy calibration of hand-arm vibration meters and as well as machine vibration meters
  • Calibrator operates on two frequencies 79.6 Hz and 159.2 Hz
  • In-field accelerometer checks according to ISO 8041

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