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ROV survey cameras (video) suitable for a range of subsea applications.

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We offer an extensive range of ROV survey cameras (video) for rental and hire. We have a number of systems to suit various subsea application and inspection requirements.

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ROV survey cameras (video)

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Imenco Basking Mini Shark
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  • Highly sensitive
  • Low light
  • Mono colour ROV camera with sapphire port for high image quality
    Scratch resistance
Imenco Basking Shark
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  • Wide angle monochrome camera
  • Ideal for use on work class ROV’s and smaller observation vehicles where low light or murky conditions affect the working environment
Imenco Hammerhead II Shark Camera
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  • 40x colour zoom standard definition subsea camera
  • SD zoom capability
  • High quality subsea water corrected optics
Imenco OE14-370 Colour Zoom Camera
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  • 36:1 zoom lens
  • Extended angle of view
  • Addressable serial control
Imenco OE14-376 Light Ring Colour Camera
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  • Integral high output LED lighting
  • Ruggedised 3,000 msw aluminium alloy housing
  • Electronic iris
  • Compact dimensions
Imenco OE15-108 Mini Monochrome Observation Camera
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  • High resolution CCD
  • Compact dimensions
  • Cost effective
  • 3,000 msw aluminium alloy housing
Imenco Silvertip Shark
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  • Small subsea tooling & inspection camera with integrated LED lights with zero halo effect
  • Wide field of view
Imenco SubVIS Orca
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  • HD ethernet 1080p @ 60fps low latency video streaming
  • Imenco designed powerful embedded computer
  • Advanced image enhancement
  • SmartView streaming software with recording + snapshot of live HD video
Imenco Whitetip SharkImenco Whitetip Shark
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  • Colour camera rated up to 4000msw
  • 10x optical zoom
  • 15 dimmable LED lights
  • RS232 control
Inuktun Crystal Cam Amber
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  • Lightweight, portable inspection system
  • Optional battery pack for remote operation
  • Mount to virtually any surface, including ROVs
  • Easily fits through small openings
  • Depth rating of 1,000' / 300m
Kongsberg OE12-132 Camera and Lamp Surface Control Unit
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  • Camera power supply
  • Variable lamp power supply
Kongsberg OE1324 Enhanced SIT Low Light Camera
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  • Enhanced low light performance
  • Long-range viewing
  • 3,000m titanium housing
Kongsberg OE14-112 Continuous Rotate & Tilt Zoom Camera
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  • 10:1 zoom lens
  • Text insertion
  • Serial control with position feedback
Kongsberg OE14-366 Colour Zoom Camera
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  • 18:1 zoom lens
  • Text insertion
  • Addressable serial control
Kongsberg OE15-100c High Definition Enhanced CCD Camera
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  • Near-SIT performance
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Aspheric optical system
Kongsberg OE15-102 Low Light B&W Camera
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  • Solid state SIT performance
  • Low through-life costs
  • No image lag
Kongsberg OE2800 Fluorescein Dye Detection System
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  • Leak detection
  • Cost effective
  • Rapid deployment
LYYN Video Enhancer T38
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  • Real-time video enhancement anywhere
  • enhance the live feed from a camera in any existing analog colour video system
OceanTools SD and HD Video Overlay
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  • Available with 1 to 4 video channels
  • Auto-detection of video inputs
  • 3 or 4 RS232 serial inputs as standard
  • Optional 4 channel analogue and CP input
OceanTools V04 Overlay
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  • Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 video channels
  • Optional integral CP isolation amplifier
  • Optional mutli-channel analogue inputs
  • PAL or NTSC composite inputs and outputs
SubC Imaging 1Cam MK5
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  • Main SD color 10x zoom camera with 6-24 megapixel digital stills and HD recording
SubC Imaging 1Cam MK6
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  • Built-in 4K UHD and HD video recording
  • 6.2-16.6 megapixel stills
  • Up to 512GB of storage
  • Serial control
  • 4K over fibre, HD over coax or composite
SubC Imaging Rayfin LiquidOptics
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  • Advanced 1:1 water-corrected optics
  • Wide field of view
  • Accurate colour depth
  • Minimal chromatic aberration
  • 21MP digital stills
SubC Imaging Rayfin UltraOptics
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  • Rectilinear optic design
  • 125° field of view (diagonal)
  • 21 megapixel digital pan-tilt-zoom
  • Very low distortion (>=120° horizontal)
Tritech Super SeaSpy Underwater Camera with LED Array
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  • Compact design
  • Dynamic light control
  • Optimised illumination
  • Water corrected optics
  • 4000m depth rating

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