Coating removal

An Ashtead Technology company, the Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) range of coating removal and cleaning tools suit a wide range of tubular structures.

Tailored for the inspection, maintenance and repair market, our field-proven coating removal systems are designed to remove all types of coatings without damaging the pipeline. Protective coatings which can be removed include concrete weight coat, bitumen, FBE and epoxy.

UCS also supply abrasive grit cleaning systems for marine growth removal.

Coating removal case study

With a Caspian Sea platform soon to be upgraded with three new risers, McDermott contracted UCS to efficiently remove the coating from the horizontal and vertical jacket members so that an SA2.5-quality surface finish could be achieved.

UCS provided three bespoke Coating Removal Tools (CRT), as well as the necessary Control Cabin and SCADA Control Operating System required to utilise the equipment, in only 10 weeks.

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