Underwater Cutting Solutions

An Ashtead Technology company, Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) provides subsea cutting, coating removal, and seabed dredging services and solutions worldwide.

UCS designs, manufactures and supplies innovative subsea technologies to enable the successful completion of decommissioning, inspection, maintenance and repair projects.

With over 15 years of international experience, UCS has extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities to support your project. High performance and user friendly equipment, with the support of experienced engineers, can be provided to assist your project to completion.

UCS equipment and services

Subsea cutting, coating removal and seabed dredging solutions

Abrasive waterjet cutting

High pressure abrasive cutting solutions

Coating removal

Underwater coating removal and cleaning tools for various tubular sizes

Hydraulic shear cutting

High performance, rapid cutting solutions

Mechanical cutting

Cutting solutions for caissons, pipelines, tubulars and subsea jackets

Seabed dredging

Equipment for the de-burial and clearance of debris, sediment and soil

Additional equipment

Technologies to add value to your decommissioning or IMR project

Bespoke engineered solutions

The entire catalogue of Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) standard solutions can be bespoke-engineered further to fit the exact demands of your project.

Together with Ashtead Technology, UCS undertakes extensive research and development programmes to ensure their product range exceeds the requirements of our clients, and invests in continual research and development to refine its equipment range even further. UCS has considerable experience in developing bespoke tooling to suit specific project requirements.

From our manufacturing facility in Inverurie, Scotland, UCS comprehensively engineers, manufactures and tests its equipment ahead of deployment in harsh underwater environments. Contact us below with your requirements to learn more about bespoke UCS offerings.

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SubseaLASE - engineered by UCS

The SubseaLASE is an advanced method of laser cutting technology that significantly optimises current subsea cutting methods.

An extremely versatile tool, the SubseaLASE can perform a swift remote cut regardless of orientation or geometry. Not only is cutting time reduced, the set up and post-cutting stages of operation are greatly simplified, with minimal human intervention required.

An extremely high-powered laser elimates the risk of jamming, which can befall mechanical cutting methods, and generates less secondary waste versus conventional technologies.

Estimates by Underwater Cutting Solutions indicate this revolutionary cutting system will be more than four times faster than current-generation technologies. This improved performance will in turn allow users greater flexibility and extensive cost savings when factoring in support vessel and offshore personnel requirements.


Underwater Cutting Solutions prides itself on the quality and reliability of the service it provides to its clients, underpinned by the recognition of various professional associations and industry standards.

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