Riser cleaning/inspection

Welaptega's inspection technologies provide a safe and efficient method to clean marine growth and inspect risers and umbilicals.

Visual inspection is a key component of any riser and umbilical integrity management plan, but marine growth cleaning with conventional ROV tools is often unsuitable for plastic-coated flexibles.

Welaptega's Riser Cleaning and Inspection System (RCIS) provides a safe means to clean and visually-inspect risers for sheathing breaches and other anomalies, all without impacting production. Once cleaned, inspection can be performed by using a conventional ROV camera, or four cameras positioned on the RCIS, to generate a 360° close visual inspection. The video feeds from the 360° CVI can further be used to identify changes in riser diameter if desired.

Acute areas of surface damage can be fully quantified using Welaptega’s advanced 3D Modelling system.

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Welaptega Riser/Rope Cleaning and Inspection System

Availability: Integrated service

Riser cleaning and inspection solutions

Welaptega incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects around the world. Our specialisms include:

  • Marine growth removal
  • Riser, mooring rope, umbilical and subsea power cable inspection

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