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4Subsea SMS Satellite

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the 4Subsea SMS Satellite.

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The SMS Satellite™ is designed to transfer data from autonomous subsea sensors back to shore. This unit can be used for alarms, sending of intermittent data packages, or for continuous data transfer from any subsea sensor back to shore.

SMS Satellite™ brings satellite phone technology to the subsea industry, allowing for use of battery powered autonomous sensors subsea whole still getting data transferred back to shore. The unit comes in three configurations; SMS Satellite™, SMS Satellite™ Cartridge, and SMS Satellite™ Buoy.

SMS Satellite™ Alarm
This is the simplest configuration suitable for connecting to any subsea sensor. It monitors and interprets results subsea in order to detect if an alarm should go off. The unit consists of a Floater with a satellite modem and a Releaser that is connected to the subsea sensor. The Floater is mechanically attached to the releaser until an alarm data package is transferred to the Floater and a release command is sent to the Releaser via the SenseBus. The Floater will be released, ascend to the surface and transmit its alarm message back to shore.

SMS Satellite™ Cartridge
For some applications, you may want a status update at regular intervals. In this case, a cartridge of multiple floaters is installed. This enables you to release and send back data packages at pre-set intervals to get information of the status of the subsea equipment.

SMS Satellite™ Buoy
For applications where it is important with live data from the subsea sensor, a buoy is installed on the surface. Data is transferred acoustically from the sensor to the buoy, and subsequently data packages are sent from the buoy to shore on a regular basis.

  • 3000m depth rating
  • Subsea production facility monitoring
  • Production jumper monitoring
  • Spool and manifold monitoring
  • Pipeline freespan monitoring
  • Mooring line monitoring
  • Subsea structure monitoring