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Forum 10,000psi 17H Single Port (Type B)

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum 10,000psi 17H Single Port (Type B).

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The single port conforms to ISO 13628-8, but has larger internal fluid paths and integral sealing valves. The male has four check valves set inside the male body.

These are 0.2bar inflow, 2.5bar outflow (i.e., will not dump the ROV compensator pressure). These minimise ROV oil leakage and water ingress, and prevent underpressure in the hoses, etc.

The female receptacle has two screw-in cartridges that do the same, but are normally 0.2bar in/out. The female can be mounted by U-bolts around the body or flange; mounted by four bolts using a top-mounting interface plate.

Note: Flows up to 40lpm can be achieved, check valves are only rated to 30lpm so need to be removed from system to achieve high flow.

  • Industry standard
  • ISO 13628-8 Type B
  • Up to 30lpm / 7.9gpm
  • 690bar / 10,000psi
  • Integral sealing valves
  • Pressure balanced
  • Subsea QD operations
  • Chemical & gas injection
  • Flooding & venting operations

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