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GE RotoArray C-Scan System

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the GE RotoArray C-Scan System.

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The RotoArray is a portable, manually operated, phased array, ultrasonic inspection device which can be connected to any suitable phased array flaw detection instrument to allow rapid scanning of a wide variety of materials and components.

Well suited for scanning composite and aluminum aerospace components, the RotoArray can provide A, B & C-scan images that are achieved with the simplicity of a handheld probe and with performance rivaling that of a full immersion C-scan system.

The RotoArray can complement or replace immersion scanning systems in a manufacturing environment, while being equally functional inspecting in the field or laboratory. It is ideal for scanning aircraft on the ground for collision damage, post-repair and other inspections.

The compact and lightweight RotoArray can be configured for left or right hand operators. The RotoArray consists of a linear, 64 element ultrasonic array contained within a tire, which is inflated with a fluid to create a flexible coupling chamber between the array and the test piece. The tire is fitted within a scanning cart and the complete assembly is rolled along the surface to be inspected to scan for flaws, delaminations, or other discontinuities. An innovative direct-drive magnetic encoder, which operates without belts, pulleys or gears, provides positional data and is connected to a phased array flaw detector, such as GE’s Phasor XS, which displays and stores the results. A panel of three switches with associated cables is available to remotely operate features such as “scan-start”, ”scan- stop”, “scan-clear”, and “scan-index” on suitably equipped instruments.

  • Techniques: Phased Array, Composite
  • Pipe size from: Flat
  • Probes: Single
  • Replaces or complements full immersion tank and squirter system scanning and provides reliable scanning with A, B and C-scan data
  • Inspection of composite plates, stiffeners and cylinders to check for delaminations, porosity, disbonds, etc.
  • Providing complementary inspection for composite panels that have holes through which bubbler or squirter water can leak causing couplant problems
  • Providing enhanced capabilities to scan from the “rougher side” of composites
  • Inspection of composite wind turbine blades
  • Inspection of composite aerospace structures, both during manufacture and in service
  • Inspection of some components which are conventionally inspected by immersion/bubbler systems
  • Inspection of aluminium aircraft skins and other metal structures for corrosion
  • Inspection for flaws and corrosion in various metals