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iXBlue Phins Subsea

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the iXBlue Phins Subsea.

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Phins Subsea is a subsea inertial navigation system providing position, true heading, attitude, speed, depth and heave. Its high-accuracy inertial measurement unit is coupled with an embedded digital signal processor that runs an advanced Kalman filter.

Phins Subsea can be pre-assembled and pre-calibrated with a doppler velocity log version, making the system easy to install and ready to use for more precise navigation.

  • All-in-one high-accuracy 3D positioning with heading, roll and pitch
  • FOG, unique strap-down technology
  • Multiple aiding sensors available: (DVL, USBL, LBL, RAMSES, GPS, depth sensor)
  • Options: DVL or RAMSES easy coupling
  • Ethernet, web server (GUI)
  • High grade INS performance
  • High reliability and maintenance free
  • Rugged design for water depths up to 6,000m
  • Ultimate sub-metric performance using sparse array transponders and on-the-fly calibration
  • Ease of use and quick installation
  • AUV navigation
  • Towfish navigation
  • Metrology
  • Precise positioning
  • Out-of-straightness survey