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iXBlue Ramses

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the iXBlue Ramses.

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Ramses is an acoustic synthetic baseline positioning system (ASBL) designed to make LBL and sparse-LBL subsea navigation simple.

Tightly coupled with iXblue inertial navigation system (Phins, Rovins or Rovins Nano), it delivers extreme precision and robustness using a greatly reduced number of transponders compared to usual LBL systems.

Available in medium frequency version compatible with Gaps, Ramses is a key part of iXblue inertial-acoustic solutions for subsea positioning.

  • Modes of operation: Sparse LBL positioning, with SLAM capability, and LBL
  • Compatibility: iXblue INS, Canopus supervision software
  • Embedded Kalman filter and LBL algorithms
  • Full embedded processing, no top-side required
  • Millimetre range measurement precision
  • Embedded SV, Pressure and Temperature sensors
  • UPS function to secure INS power supply
  • Subsea switch & logger functionalities
  • Acoustic communication (500 bits/s)
  • Simplified mobilization, for ROVs and AUVs
  • LBL navigation accuracy, with superior precision
  • Reduced number of required transponders
  • Flexible array deployment thanks to SLAM
  • Fully operable in existing fields, reducing seabed transponders maintenance and vessel time
  • AUV
  • Metrology
  • Salvage
  • ROV
  • Oil & Gas
  • Survey
  • Oceanography