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Mini-Cam Solo Pro Push Rod Camera

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Mini-Cam Solo Pro Push Rod Camera.

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Portable and built for one man surveys, the Mini-Cam i-Cam Solo Pro is suitable for pipe inspections from 50mm diameter. Available with two rod & coiler lengths, the Solo Pro is able to travel up to 40m- 60m or 80- 100m depending on your application.

The Solo Pro Push Rod utilises a built in camera head which is forward facing and self-levelling. It also has a 3 x digital zoom feature, making it suitable for applications which require a detailed visual inspection.

To further support applications which require additional reporting, the Solo Pro Push Rod Cameras comes with a built in Central Control Unit which is capable of recording MPEG4 videos and JPEG images.

With the fibreglass reinforced push rod cable and stainless steel camera head, the Solo Pro Push Rod Camera is suitable for use in harsh working environments. It can also comfortably negotiate multiple bends, making it flexible for awkward pipeline inspections.

  • Pipe size from 50mm diameter
  • Cable length up to 40m- 60m or 80- 100m
  • Forward facing camera, Self-levelling, 3 x Digital Zoom
  • Control unit: Central Control Unit (CCU), high resolution, detachable for desktop use
  • Records images and videos
  • Adjustable focus for fine detail inspection
  • High intensity solid state LED lighting
  • In-built recording
  • Drain inspection
  • Sewer inspection
  • Manhole inspection
  • Pipe & tube inspection