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Availability: Rental

nCentric NovaNode-2

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the nCentric NovaNode-2.

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nCentric Nova Node (The nCentric Field Coverage node) has been designed specifically for offshore markets to provide state-of-the-art, reliable and flexible broadband communication between rigs, vessels and onshore personnel. By providing seamless mobility, critical applications like VoIP, video streaming, and data transmission are not interrupted as they move through the network.

  • Intelligent, robust platform enabling a wide variety of IP network services, such as VoIP, video streaming, file sharing, serial data broadcast, etc
  • Auto-configuring and self-healing 3rd generation mesh network
  • Modular dual-radio architecture allows combining multiple frequency bands in one device
  • Dual linearly polarized omni antennas
  • Smart channel management minimizes interference and maximizes bandwidth.
  • Integrated 72-channel GPS receiver
  • Integrated Iridium SBD modem for easy remote management
  • Easy installation: compact all-outdoor single unit
  • ATEX version available on request