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Neptune Sonar D70 Hydrophone with Pre-Amplifier

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Neptune Sonar D70 Hydrophone with Pre-Amplifier.

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The D/70/H is a true spherical balanced element combined with a low noise differential pre-amplifier with gain options of 20, 30 and 40dB.

The hydrophone is moulded in polyurethane. Two of the cores are used for supplying the 24 volt power with the other screened pair providing the differential output signal.

The proximity of the amplifier to the hydrophone element allows the signals to be transmitted along long lengths of cable (up to 500 metres) without suffering any degradation.

The differential output also improves the signal to noise ratio and extends the upper frequency cut-off. The gain of the amplifier can be adjusted to suit customers requirements with an additional 20dB from the optional ‘Surface Receiver Unit’ which can be supplied separately.

  • Integral pre-amplifier
  • Omni-directional response
  • Low noise performance
  • Broadband operation
  • Marine mammal audio sensor
  • Maximum cable length 500m