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Oceaneering 12 Inch Electric XL Dredge

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering 12 Inch Electric XL Dredge

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The second generation 12 inch XL electric dredge provides 12.5kpsi suction pressure and up to 7,500 suction gal/m. A topside control unit manages all dredge functions and monitors readings.

  • Full telemetry system
  • Cameras and lights monitor discharge
  • System’s vital signs monitored by digital inputs
  • Allows for spoils to pass unprocessed
  • Transports rocks and large debris of approximately ½ in smaller than hose diameter
  • No moving components exposed to transport materials, providing greater durability and reliability
  • No depth limitations, constant suction, and no loss of hydraulic horsepower due to hydrostatic effect
  • Dual pump configuration for redundancy
  • Drill cuttings remediation
  • Precision dredging around delicate assets
  • Seabed excavation and leveling
  • Subsea field clean-up
  • Pipeline excavation and burial