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Oceaneering BOP Intervention Skid (Gen 1.5)

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering BOP Intervention Skid (Gen 1.5)

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The BOP (Blow Out Preventer) intervention skid allows any work class ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to perform function testing as well as emergency override of BOP functions. The skid has internal valves that can provide continuous pumping of saltwater in emergency situations. Using field proven components, Oceaneering’s skid features ease of service and built-in reliability.

All components are corrosion resistant with seals designed for long term well control fluid exposure. The skid is a modular design allowing components to be easily replaced or serviced. The skid is designed to support full ROV and Tether Management System (TMS), weight since it must be fit for any ROV of opportunity.

  • Up to 511 liters (135 gal) storage
  • Interfaces with any work class ROV system
  • Field proven design
  • BOP emergency shut in
  • Secondary BOP stack control