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Olympus IPLEX FX Videoscope - 4mm / 3.5m | 6mm / 5m | 6mm / 7.5m

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Olympus IPLEX FX Videoscope - 4mm / 3.5m | 6mm / 5m | 6mm / 7.5m.

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Durable with an interchangeable probe system, the Olympus IPLEX FX Videoscope can be configured to support a variety of remote visual inspection applications.

With Stereo Measurement capabilities and image-management software, the IPLEX FX is available in the following diameters and lengths: 4mm/3.5m, 6mm/3.5m, 6mm/5m and 6mm/7.5m.

The additional Stereo Measurement tips allow you to analyse a number of defect characteristics including -

Point to Line
Multi-Segment Length
This additional information can then be used to ensure that an effective repair strategy is put in place and that defects are managed appropriately.

Built to resist harsh working environments, the IPLEX FX Videoscope utilises a 16.5cm daylight-view LCD screen and records images and videos, meaning you can analyse live inspection data with ease. Should you need to review your inspection recordings offline; the data can transferred via USB to PC and exported into the image management software for further analysis.

The IPLEX FX rents with two battery packs, which are both capable of running for up to 2.5 hours. The unit also rents with two standard tips which are capable of forward/side view and can articulate up to 120°

With intuitive software and quick access control buttons, the IPLEX FX is incredibly easy to use and requires minimal user training.

  • Scope Diameter: 4mm & 6mm
  • Length: 3.5m, 5m & 7m
  • Stereo Measurement: Yes
  • Image Software: PulsarPic + InHelp
  • Light Source: Built-in LED Illumination System
  • Output: Image / Video
  • Tip Articulation: Up/Down, Left/Right, up to 120°
  • Power: 150 Minute Battery Pack x 2 | Mains Lead | Battery Charger