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Olympus IPLEX LX Videoscope - 4mm / 3.5m | 6mm / 3.5m

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Olympus IPLEX LX Videoscope.

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Lightweight with Stereo Measurement capabilities, the Olympus IPLEX LX is available in two diameters (6mm or 4mm) and comes with a 3.5m insertion tube.

The unit is available to rent with stereo measurement tips, which allow you to perform a detailed analysis and identify the following defect characteristics -

Point to Line
Multi-Segment Length

Weighing less than 3kg and with a built-in illumination system, the IPLEX LX is suitable for difficult working conditions where space and lighting is limited. The unit itself is extremely intuitive and easy to use, meaning operators with minimal training and experience can use the IPLEX LX Videoscope.

For reporting, the IPLEX LX has a built-in 16.5cm screen which provides real-time reporting for on-site analysis. For off-site reporting, all data can be easily transferred from the IPLEX LX to PC via USB. Data is recorded as JPEG images and MPEG 4 videos.

  • Scope Diameter: 4mm or 6mm
  • Length: 3.5m
  • Stereo Measurement: Yes
  • Image Software: PulsarPic
  • Light Source: Built-in Illumination System
  • Output: Image / Video
  • Tip Articulation: Up/Down, Left/Right for Standard Tips, Forward/Side for Stereo Measurement Tips
  • Power: 100 minute Battery Pack | Mains Lead | Battery Charger
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & gas
  • Power generation
  • Wind power
  • Process industries