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Reinshaw Fanbeam Prism Cluster

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Fanbeam Prism Cluster.

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Our high-quality marine-grade prism clusters are designed to support long-range DP operations:

Identify and lock on to the correct observation quickly
Track with confidence and minimise tracking loss due to the very strong signal return delivered by our prism clusters
Reconfigure quickly and easily to extend angular coverage, giving flexibility for a range of operations
Prism clusters have a long lifetime, with minimal maintenance

Our prism clusters consist of an engineered 'tree', designed to enable users to mount our marine-grade retro-reflective prisms in pairs, stacked vertically in offsets of 45°. By changing the number and position of prisms, which is quick and easy with no special tooling required, dynamic positioning operators (DPOs) can optimise reflectors for different operations.

This simple solution allows DPOs to take into account the relative height of the vessel and the platform, as well as the bearing on approach for complete flexibility.

All prism cluster arrangements are supplied in a transit case, allowing for safe and easy transport offshore, or storage if not in use. A metal mounting arrangement is also supplied, which allows for simple attachment to a handrail.

Maintenance consists of a simple inspection to ensure that the prisms are clean and that the mounting arrangement has not come loose.