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Riezler FWL100 Crawler Camera

Available for rental and hire from Ashtead Technology - the Riezler FWL100 Crawler Camera.

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Suitable for pipes from100mm, the Riezler FWL100 is an efficient, rugged crawler camera built specifically to inspect pipelines, tank, voids, cavities and conduits.

Capable of travelling up to 120m via the manual cable reel, the Riezler is provided with two different camera heads; one for pan and tilt (RSK78110) inspections and an additional one for self-levelling (RIK5570).

Built for harsh environments, the Riezler FWL100 is provided with small, medium and large wheels, so you can customise it depending on your application.

The control unit features a 10.4 inch-colour monitor and easy to use keypad. Built-in recording isn’t available with the Riezler FWL100; however you can rent a high definition (HD) digital video recorder (DVR) for applications that require image and video reporting.

  • Pipe size: from100mm diameter
  • Cable length: up to 120m
  • Camera: Pan, tilt, self-levelling, forward facing
  • Control unit: Riezler Control Unit
  • Reporting: Images and Videos
  • DVR required: Yes
  • Drain Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Tank, Void, Cavity or Conduit Inspection