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Sick Bernath Atomic 3006 Heated FID

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Sick Bernath Atomic 3006 Heated FID.

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The Bernath Atomic FID is designed especially for mobile use at various sites and operating conditions both for continuous and short monitoring. This heated FID unit is suitable for areas with difficult access and ensures reliable monitoring with laboratory quality results under harsh process conditions. It features a patented minature heated sensor block with a FID controlled up to 240°, making it possible to measure steam saturated gases. In addition, the Bernath 3006 is the only portable FID which has been awarded MCERTS certification (March 2005).

Simple operation and short set-up time increases user efficiency during daily practice. Special safety and monitoring features are integrated into each unit giving the operator confidence in the correct functioning of the instrument.

The optional datalogger gives the capability to store one weeks continuous measuring values. The datalogger stores not only the measuring values but also the measuring range and with it the absolute values of measured concentrations with the date and time. Included with the supply of the datalogger is the PC software with which it is possible to make data transfer and visualise the measured values in spreadsheets or wordprocessing programmes.

  • Measuring ranges from 1ppm to 100,000 ppm
  • Internal air supply
  • Emission control
  • Process control
  • Factory monitoring