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Sonardyne Gyro USBL 5000/7000

Available on a rental basis from Ashtead Technology - the Sonardyne Gyro USBL 5000/7000.

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Gyro USBL combines a Sonardyne 6th (6G®) generation high performance HPT USBL transceiver and a Lodestar Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) in the same mechanical assembly.

With the AHRS / INS in fixed mechanical alignment to the USBL’s acoustic array, and ‘in-water’ pre calibrated at the factory, Gyro USBL can be quickly deployed without need for a USBL calibration. This enables significant savings in vessel time and operational costs. Depending on the array type, Gyro USBL can offer precision of better than 0.1% of slant range out of the box.

Manufactured in alumininum bronze, the Gyro USBL is ideally suited for installations on vessels of opportunity using through-hull or over-the-side poles. It is also ideal for permanent installation on flexible stem tubes and on very small vessels such as USVs.

  • Integrated Sonardyne 6G Wideband 2 USBL transceiver and Lodestar AHRS/INS offering high performance
  • Available in standard format for typical top-down operations and plus format for long layback tracking and touch-down monitoring
  • Two transducer array versions available; standard and deepwater optimised
  • Calibration-free offering rapid deployment
  • Class-leading system precision and accuracy
  • Short term temporary installations on vessels of opportunity using through-hull or over-the-side poles
  • Permanent installation on flexible stem tubes