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SubC Imaging DVRO

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the SubC Imaging DVRO.

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The SubC DVRO (Digital Video Recorder with Overlay) is a high-performance piece of equipment with powerful software features that provide overlay, recording and streaming of acquired video from underwater operations.

This advanced media management solution includes six channels of video and can stream over the internet or a local Ethernet connection to preserve its high quality while using existing infrastructure. If a location has an internet connection, video can be streamed live anywhere in the world.

It also includes automatic splitting of extended recordings, power-loss recovery, BlackBox mode, and works in conjunction with Asset Integrity Management solutions from EIVA and Aker Coabis.

The advanced multi-video serial and graphic overlaying system built on top of the DVR can overlay graphics on up to four video feeds at the same time (2 Channel HD or 4 channel SD).

  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Smart data monitoring immediately indicates that something has interfered with the inspection
  • Audio/video, framegrabs and data can be recorded in a RAID configuration that enables safe mirrored storage
  • Dive event bookmarking with the SubC DVRO
  • 16.6 megapixel stills recorded to 512GB camera storage
  • LEDs can sync in lamp/strobe configuration
  • Broadcast quality controls
  • Live 4K UHD video transmission via fiber