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SubC Imaging Skate Laser

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the SubC Imaging Skate Laser.

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The Skate is a RS232 dimmable and TTL modulated green laser module that can be controlled by SubC smart cameras. Ideal for metrology and pipeline surveys to precisely quantify any deficiencies or structural issues in conjunction with a laser scanning system. The line focus is 200mm - 5m and is a dimmable green laser.

The on-deck auto-off option and software can take in NMEA strings for depth and turn of the laser for safety considerations when the ROV is running out of the water.

  • Small 1.5" diameter
  • Standard Titanium 6500m depth rating
  • Dimmable 50mW output
  • Generates a sharp line with a fan angle of 53.9° in water
  • Lens' available: Single line, crosshair, dot line, 7x7 dot matrix, single dot, parallel lines, 4x4 grid, single circle, 7 concentric circles
  • Metrology
  • Pipeline surveys
  • Laser scanning