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Testo 330 Flue Gas Analyser

Available to purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Testo 330 Flue Gas Analyser.

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Ready to get started on the most important tasks involved in flue analysis on oil, gas and solid fuel systems. The testo 330-2LL professional long-life set (Pro-set without printer) offers the possibility of flue gas measurement, draught, pressure and ambient CO/CO measurements, differential temperature measurement and gas leak detection.

  • Independently tested to EN50379. Meets the requirements of BS7967 and Gas Safe TB143
  • Longlife sensors lasting up to 6 years
  • Dilution to 30,000ppm CO
  • Optional NO sensor upgrade
  • Flue analysis on oil, gas and solid fuel systems

270 x 90 x 65 mm
600 g (without rechargeable battery)