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TSC U31 ACFM System

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the TSC U31 ACFM System.

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The TSC U31 underwater instruments were developed to offer reliable ACFM® inspection in harsh subsea environments. With a range of standard products covering depths down to 3 km (1.9 mi), the technology and equipment needed to conduct NDT surface crack detection underwater is at your fingertips.

U31D offers all the advantages of ACFM inspection in a small and light package specifically designed to be easily deployed by divers. Capable of inspecting down to 300 m (984 ft), it is ideal for inspecting jackets, pipelines, and subsea structures.

A version of U31 has also specifically been developed for remote subsea deployment using ROVs and working with a selection of ACFM subsea probes. Custom probe designs are also available. Rated to depth of 300 m (984 ft), deep-water enclosures are also available for inspections down to 2 km (1.2 mi). Contact us using the form below to get more information on that solution.

  • Rapid scanning with hand-held probes
  • Reliable crack detection with accurate length and depth sizing
  • Reduced cleaning requirements, no need to clean to bare metal
  • Capable of inspecting corroded surfaces or through non-conducting coatings several millimeters thick
  • Access to a wide range of geometries using TSC active subsea probes
  • Maritime and shipping
  • Civil engineering
  • Offshore
  • Marine engineering