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Availability: Integrated service

UCS 42in Diamond Wire Saw

Available as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the UCS 42in Diamond Wire Saw.

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The UCS 42in diamond wire saw has been developed to cut tubulars ranging from 2in up to 42in.

The patent granted auto-feed system automatically regulates cutting progress thus minimising the probability of broken wires and has the advantage of removing human interference from the operation and as such has given UCS’s diamond wires saws world leading cutting times.

Providing a fast and accurate cut, the diamond wire saw is especially good for cutting pipe in pipe, concrete filled multi-string bundles and coated products in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Compact design enables easy installation and operation. This system can be supplied set up in a number of configurations to suit client project requirements.

  • Fast and accurate cut
  • 2in to 42in capacity
  • Patented self-regulating feed
  • Superior performance
  • Simple operation
  • Diver or ROV operated
  • Solenoid control system for topside control
  • Compact design

Cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structures