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UCS Coating Removal Tool

Available for rental / hire or as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the UCS Coating Removal Tool

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The coating removal system has been designed & developed to remove all types of protective coatings including concrete weight coat, epoxy, bitumen and FBE on subsea pipelines and platform jacket members. The system utilises high pressure water with the capability of cleaning a diameter range of 152mm OD right through to 1500mm OD.

The coating removal tool (CRT) utilises a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to control the tool via an intelligent subsea valve control system (iVP) along with fitted cameras and graphical representation topside giving real time information feedback. This system allows the operator infinite control allowing for optimum cleaning performance. Two sweeping and opposing high pressure water jets clean the product while linear, rotational, nozzle standoff & sweep speeds are controlled topside by UCS personnel.

  • Rapid cleaning rates
  • SCADA system - user friendly
  • 1.5 cleaning stroke over 360° circumference of pipe
  • Any coating removal
  • Superior performance
  • Easy installation
  • Diver or ROV deployable
  • Topside control
  • Linear coating removal
  • Circumferential coating removal
  • Full coating removal