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Availability: Integrated service

UCS Dual Cut Band Saw

Available as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the UCS Dual Cut Band Saw.

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The patented dual cut band saw is designed to cut through a range of materials of various diameters from 4-30in using a single saw unit.

The precision dual cut provides a 30mm wide coupon that can be returned to surface for inspection.

The reaction loads generated by each of the simultaneous cuts are cancelled out, resulting in a very smooth, vibration free and reliable cut. On completion of the cut the 30mm wide ‘coupon’ falls out, leaving a gap between the two ends of the pipe for ease of recovery of the cut section.

Providing a fast and accurate cut, the dual cut band saw is especially good for cutting pipe in pipe, concrete filled multi-string bundles and coated products in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Compact design enables easy installation and operation. This system can be supplied set up in a number of configurations to suit client project requirements.

  • Fast and accurate cut
  • 4in to 30in capacity
  • Patented cutting technique
  • Superior performance
  • 30mm coupon removed for inspection
  • Heavy-duty band saw blades
  • Cutting of umbilicals
  • Salvage operations
  • Inspection support