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Availability: Integrated service

UCS Hydraulic Pedestal Drill

Available as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the UCS Hydraulic Pedestal Drill.

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The UCS hydraulic subsea pedestal drill has been developed to cut up 250mm / 10in diameter holes and has a travel of 160mm / 6in. The chuck can be fitted with either rotor broaches or twist drills. It includes a chain strap fastener which allows easy installation to pipelines, piles or any structure that the chain can be wrapped around. The chains are supplied a custom length to suit the requirements of the job.

An alternate base can be fitted to perform cuts on flat surfaces, or diver / ROV magnets can be supplied.

  • Fast and accurate cut
  • Cuts up to 250mm / 10in
  • Easily installed
  • Diver friendly
  • Proven reliability
  • Superior performance
  • Drilling operations