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UCS Hydraulic Power Unit

Available for rental / hire or as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the UCS Hydraulic Power Unit

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This UCS hydraulic power units range from 18.5kw up to 150kw which operate either a gear or variable displacement pumps capable of up to 200lpm and up to 400bar depending on pump specifications. They have been specifically designed to be extremely user friendly and safe to operate. They come complete with a number of features including adjustable pressure and flow control, low oil level and high temperature cut-outs and a connection panel with pressure, temperature and flow gauges. Electrical and hydraulic isolation is incorporated.

These units can be used to power subsea hydraulic tools, reels and other hydraulic equipment.

They are also fully compatible with all UCS tools and hydraulic reels.

  • Hydraulic surface power delivery
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Oil temperature cut-out
  • Oil level cut-out
  • Flow / pressure gauge
  • Built-in oil cooler
  • Hydraulic support for tooling range