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UCS Internal Pipe Cutter

Available for rental / hire or as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the UCS Internal Pipe Cutter

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The UCS internal pipe cutter has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of deck space required along with being harmless to the marine environment. Great care has been taking in the construction of the internal pipe cutter to reduce moving parts and troublesome, thus creating an extremely efficient and reliable tool with minimal maintenance and break down time.

The UCS internal pipe cutter has to be used with the complete cutting system comprises of an engine / pump unit, control cabinet c/w workshop, and an umbilical reel. Alongside this, the system has the capability to perform the tool.

The abrasive system can operate between 5,000psi - 15,000psi, product and surface dictating pressures required.

Safety features include a specially designed hydraulic dump valve, which the operator can dump the pressure if required in an emergency from a spool control valve inside the control cabin. As well as a pressure burst disk on the system if in the unusual event of a blocked nozzle.

  • Cutting pressure 5,000psi-15,000psi
  • Internal cutting
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Adaptive bespoke tooling to suit client requirements
  • Operator friendly
  • Internal caisson cutting