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Vectory Millirad

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Vectory Millirad.

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The Vectory Sensor Systems Millirad is a low power subsea tilt sensor / inclinometer, ideally suited for accurate long-term monitoring of subsea installations.

The Millirad has been designed with extremely low power consumption in mind. All electronics within are state-of-the art, low-power chips, using the newest technologies to bring the total power of the system down to an amazing 10mW at a 1 Hz output rate.

When the sensor is not outputting data, advanced logic automatically detects unused parts of its circuitry, and disables it to save on power. Therefore, power consumption can even be lowered further for lower output rates.

The Millirad tilt sensor accepts a very large range of input voltages, ranging from as low as 4V to 60V. This allows it to run on a large variety of battery packs without any power conditioning.

With its low power consumption, the unit can run for 4 months on just 4 AA batteries.

  • Power consumption: 10mW @ 1 Hz output rate
  • Versatile: 360-degree range in both roll and pitch
  • 0.1-degree accuracy