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ViZaar VUMAN Videoscope - 8.4mm / 15m

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the ViZaar VUMAN Videoscope - 8.4mm / 15m.

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Versatile with advanced reporting features, the ViZaar Vuman Videoscope is suitable for inspection areas from 8.4mm and comes with a 15m probe.

Currently the longest Videoscope available in the rental fleet, the INVIZ Vuman RA-Y is the ideal solution for a number of remote visual inspection applications including wind turbines, generators, refineries, tanks and vessels. To support use in industrial environments the probe is housed in a carbon drum, making it robust, compact and durable.

The longer probe length doesn’t mean that the INVIZ Vuman compromise’s on inspection performance; the videopscope benefits from tip articulation, probe control and extensive reporting features.

Benefiting from patented drum storage, any unrequired probe can be stored away to avoid a trip hazard and maintain a clean working environment. It will also reduce the risk of any potential damage. Full articulation is reached once about 3m of insertion tube is unwound.

The camera has a 440,000 pixel resolution which, combined with the patented remote focus technology and linear lens positioning ensures that the camera remains focused throughout your inspection and delivers exceptional image quality. The INVIZ Vuman utilises a removable 10.4 inch touch screen control panel which provides you with a live view of your inspection area. You’re also able to record images and videos for the duration of your inspection, which can then be used for further analysis and reporting.

To further ensure that you have a clear view of your application area (irrespective of lighting conditions) the optical tip also has a built-in LED illumination system.

With a built-in user guide and intuitive set up, the INVIZ Vuman is incredibly easy to use and is suitable for operators who have minimal experience with remote visual inspection systems.

  • Scope Diameter: 8.4mm
  • Length: 15m
  • Camera Resolution: 440,000 pixels
  • Stereo Measurement: No
  • Image Software: Provides high resolution, bright, inspection images / videos.
  • Light Source: Integrated LED
  • Output: Image / Video
  • Tip Articulation: Up/Down, Left/Right, up to 120°
  • Power: 1.5 Hour Battery Pack x 2 | Mains Lead | Battery Charger
  • Turbines / generators
  • Boiler tube inspection
  • Refineries
  • Tanks / vessels
  • Nuclear industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry / food industry
  • Power generation
  • Wind energy / wind farms
  • Buildings / constructions