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Vortex 4” Eco-Energy Electric Dredge

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Vortex 4” Eco-Energy Electric Dredge.

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This 4 inch dredge was designed around being a plug in system for the Saab Leopard ROV where the Leopard AUX HPU would be unbolted and this motor/pump unit can be bolted in place and pluged into the standard Leopard high voltage and low voltage cables.

This system can be fitted to any ROV, compatible with the power supply required by this motor. This 4 inch dredge is able to provide suction performance of 64kpa using the patented vortex venturi motor. Couplings are both filled with environmentally friendly bio-degradable oil. Optional flotation is also available. Removal rates are actual figures using magnetite iron sand and rocks at 2.375kg per litre.

Debris removal of at least 22m3/hr, 50 ton/hr, 10% solids by volume and tested using Magnetite rocks 40 to 100mm diameter.

  • 64kpa (18in/hg) of suction
  • Plug & play into Saab Leopard ROV
  • Coupling compensator
  • Motor compensator
  • Unrestricted operating depth
  • Floatation (optional)
  • Pile cleaning
  • Excavation
  • Drill cutting removal
  • UXO clearance