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Vortex 4” Tornado Dredge Pump

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Vortex 4” Tornado Dredge Pump.

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The most powerful 4-inch ROV and diver dredge in the world at 97kpa (28in/hg) vacuum has removal rate performance more commonly seen in 6-inch dredges. Removal rates are actual
figures using Magnetite iron sand and rocks at 2.375kg per litre.

  • 97kpa (28in/hg) of suction
  • 99mm / 3.9in internal diameter
  • Reversal valve
  • Floatation (optional)
  • ROV or diver operable
  • Work-class ROV construction
  • Work-class ROV drill support
  • Relocation of mud, silt and rocks
  • Relocation of drill cutting
  • Marine archaeology
  • Salvage operations