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Vortex 6” Dredge Skid

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Vortex 6” Dredge Skid.

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The Vortex 6 inch is designed for subsea excavation and disposal of sediments and gravel up to 140 millimetres. It is easily mounted to the ROV and requires no ship deck space and sea fastening. The vortex 6 inch requires no specialist operator or additional cables between ship and sea floor.

It has an optional jetter kit for breaking up seabed. The low-hydraulic consumption leaves enough hydraulic supply on most ROV’s to utilise a purpose built high pressure jetter unit if the task requires one.This 6 inch dredge has shown under real-world conditions to provide suction performance of 64kpa using the patented vortex venturi. Removal rates are actual figures using magnetite iron sand and rocks at 2.375kg per litre.

  • True 150mm / 6in performance with 149mm / 5.8in internal diameter
  • 80kpa (23.6in/hg) of suction
  • Perry and Schilling compatible frame
  • Optional jetter
  • Work-class ROV construction
  • Work-class ROV drill support
  • Relocation of mud, silt and rocks
  • Relocation of drill cutting
  • Marine archaeology
  • Salvage operations