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Vortex Survey Boom Arm

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Vortex Survey Boom Arm

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Vortex 180-FR (Full Reset) survey boom arms avoid the shoulder function damage typically seen with survey boom arms which are ridged in design.

The 180-FR achieves these through a ceramic friction clutch design, using materials which do not swell in water or at depth. The ceramic clutch allows ‘slippage’ of the arms around a central rotational fulcrum when the arms become obstructed. In the event of slippage, the arms can be rotated back into position for operations to continue safely and efficiently.

  • Full fore/aft and up/downmovement through 180°
  • Collision break-away and reset feature reduces downtime and improves safety
  • Underwater inspection
  • Equipment and tool placement
  • Target identification & classification
  • Monitoring operations

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