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Availability: Integrated service

Welaptega Rope Measurement System

Available as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the Welaptega Rope Measurement System

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The RMS identifies changes in the cross-sectional geometry of wire and fibre ropes to identify symptoms of deterioration which could lead to failure. The RMS frame is towed by a ROV along sections of rope recording video footage of the entire rope surface as it moves. The video signal is transmitted to a topside data-logger that uses algorithms to measure the rope at approximately 50 mm increments to build a profile of the rope’s geometry in its entirety.

  • RMS takes measurements while mooring ropes are in water and in service
  • Removes marine growth by using rollers, brushes, and highpressure water
  • Provides a 360 degree close visual inspection of the exterior of the rope
  • Rope inspection occurs without impacting production
  • Measures rope length for creep monitoring
  • Includes data sensors to measure line angles and depth location of anomolies
  • Designed in consultation with rope manufacturers, installers and platform operators
  • UWILD wire and fibre rope
  • inspection (external)
  • Class survey wire and fibre rope
  • inspection (external)
  • Wire & fibre rope diameter
  • measurement