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Availability: Integrated service

Welaptega SAMIR

Available as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the Welaptega SAMIR

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SAMIR combines visual inspection, photogrammetric measurement and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology to assess the in-service condition of sheathed and unsheathed wire moorings lines.

SAMIR is deployed to the wire by ROV and is self-propelled using integrated electric drive wheels. Inspection data and tool telemetry are transmitted to the topside data recording and processing system which can then provide results in real-time.

  • Internal, quantifiable wire rope inspection using advanced magnetic NDT
  • Provides 360 degree close visual inspection of the exterior condition
  • Provides objective quantitative inspection of internal defects that cannot be seen by visual inspection alone
  • Inspect without impact to production
  • Measures inclination and depth location of anomalies
  • Designed in consultation with rope manufacturers
  • UWILD wire rope inspection
  • (external + internal)
  • Class survey wire rope inspection
  • (external + internal)
  • Wire rope diameter measurements