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Availability: Integrated service

Welpatega Chain Measurement System

Available as an integrated service from Ashtead Technology - the Welpatega Chain Measurement System

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Welaptega’s CMS is an optical caliper imaging technology for measuring mooring chain dimensions and viewing material condition of links. The tool is positioned on a link to capture video data which provides a record of the inspection. This data is processed to produce measurements of intergrip diamters and link length.

The CMS utilizes synchronous digital images of chains from several cameras. The images are calibrated to generate accurate measurements of chain dimensions.

Measuring chain dimensions is critical to confirm that chain corrosion and wear rates are as designed for and chains maintain minimum strength requirements throughout their lifetime.

  • Allows for chain measurement in water without operational interruption
  • Includes data sensors to measure line angles and depth location of anomolies (optional)
  • CMS is accurate to less than +/- 0.5mm
  • Applicable to FPSO, FSU, FSO, SPAR, CALM Buoy, Semi-sub and other floating vessels
  • Measurements compared to API standards, class societies, and regulatory guidelines
  • Delivers precise, actionable data to inform the best action on moorings
  • Provides highly detailed visual record of measurement locations
  • CMS allows 3 measurements at once
  • Measurements taken in real-time
  • Close visual record
  • In-situ chain measurement
  • UWILD chain inspection
  • Class survey chain inspection