Cleanroom Monitoring

Suitable for measuring various parameters and contaminants including particles, microbial organisms, airflow, differential pressure and temperature & humidity, our broad rental fleet of Cleanroom Monitoring Equipment can support you with a number of applications.

Rental equipment is available from leading manufacturers TSI Instruments and Hach and includes Airflow Meters, Particle Counters and Thermal Inspection Cameras. 

Airflow Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks a variety of airflow meters including anemometers, velometers and balometers. Whether spot-checking a room for indoor air quality or simply monitoring air velocity, Ashtead Technology offers the rental instrument to suit your application from market-leading manufacturer TSI Instruments.

Differential Pressure Recorders

Ashtead Technology provides compact and rugged differential pressure recorders for monitoring and documenting air pressure conditions in a containment area. These recorders are particularly appropriate for asbestos abatement areas, laboratories and cleanrooms.

Particle Counters

Ashtead Technology stocks a wide range of both stationary and handheld particle counters from leading manufacturers such as Hach Lange and TSI Instruments. Whether the application is cleanroom validation testing or contamination checking, this large inventory of units will cater for your every need, counting particles smaller than 0.1 micrometer.

Temperature & Humidity Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks a wide range of temperature and humidity meters including monitors for heat-stress analysis, humidity, temperature and dew point. Whether you are maintaining pharmaceutical quality control in a cleanroom environment or simply monitoring humidity in a greenhouse, Ashtead Technology offers the perfect instrument to suit your application.

Thermal Inspection Cameras

Ashtead Technology has one of the largest selections of thermal cameras from leading manufacturers such as FLIR. These cameras are perfect for performing quick and accurate scans to pinpoint problem areas of excessive or low temperature.