Dust Monitoring

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor system suitable for long term monitoring or simply need to perform spot checks on an internal workshop, our broad rental equipment range can support you with a variety of dust and aerosol monitoring applications.

With units available for personal, indoor and outdoor dust monitoring, the option to rent means you will benefit from the ability to choose a unit based on your application requirements, rather than making do with existing equipment. Renting also allows you to trial new equipment and technologies and has the potential to provide initial and ongoing cost savings.

Indoor Dust Monitoring

Capable of measuring PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Respirable and Total PM, our broad range of indoor dust monitors are available are available for short and long term rentals. With handheld and desktop units, the systems are suitable for continuous monitoring and spot checking.

Outdoor Dust Monitoring

Available for rental, the range of outdoor dust monitors are suitable for short and long term applications. Some of the units utilise a cloud based data management, meaning you can analyse real time dust levels remotely from any location. As with the indoor monitors, the units are capable of measuring PMTotal, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0.

Personal Dust Monitoring

With data logging and long battery lives, the rental range of personal dust monitors are suitable for personal spot checking and continuous exposure monitoring. Designed to minimise user discomfort, the units are portable, lightweight and can provide real-time concentration levels.