Geophysical & Soil

Available for rental and hire, our broad range of Geophysical and Soil surveying equipment covers a number of applications from locating sub-surface materials types in a number of environments to soil analysis.

Instruments are available from MALA, Olympus and Niton and rent with a number of accessories to support your application. 

GPS Systems

Our GPS systems are ideal for electric and gas utilities, water and wastewater services, land reform projects, and other applications where on-the-spot positioning is crucial.

Soil Analysers (XRF)

Ashtead Technology provides a wide range of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers from leading manufacturers such as Niton and Olympus. Our equipment is capable of undertaking a variety of industrial and environmental monitoring applications, whether the job requires analysis of alloy chemistry, grade ID metal concentration in soil, or the screening of electronics.