Indoor Air Quality & HVAC

Available for rental or hire, our extensive range of Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Monitoring Equipment covers a number of applications.

With units available from leading manufacturers TSI Instruments, Crowcon, FLIR, Thermo Scientific and AeroQual, the rental fleet includes equipment for monitoring Airflow, Differential Pressure, Dust, Particulate, Gas Leaks, Indoor Air Quality, Ozone and Radiation. 

Air Sampling Pumps

An air-sampling pump is a perfect solution when you need to assess aerosol concentrations of contaminants such as dust, gases or other vapours. Ashtead Technology offers one of the largest selections of aerosol sampling pumps from trusted brands such as Casella and TSI Instruments.

Airflow Meters

Ashtead Technology provides a wide variety of airflow meters including velometers, balometers, and foggers. Whether you are spot-checking a room for an indoor air quality study or simply monitoring air velocity, Ashtead Technology can provide the appropriate solution.

Differential Pressure Recorders

Ashtead Technology provides compact and rugged differential pressure recorders for monitoring and documenting air pressure conditions in a containment area. These recorders are particularly appropriate for asbestos abatement areas, laboratories and cleanrooms.

Dust & Particulate Monitors

Ashtead Technology provides dust and particulate analysers – the perfect solution for when you need to assess aerosol concentrations of contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes and mists. We offer the latest models from trusted health & safety brand TSI Instruments, and are proud to stock one of the largest selections of both stationary and personal aerosol monitors available to rent.

Formaldehyde (HCHO) Meters

Formaldehyde meters are designed to monitor workers exposure to formaldehyde concentrations. Ashtead Technology stock the PPM Technology Formaldemeter, which offers continuous monitoring for up to 7 days, and displays formaldehyde in both ppm & mg/m3.

Gas Leak Detection

Ashtead Technology stocks a range of both single and multiparameter gas detection instruments for the identification of gas leaks. We offer products from market leading manufacturers such as Crowcon and Ion Science.

Indoor Air Quality Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks a full line of Indoor Air Quality meters for a wide variety of parameters including CO, CO2, temperature and humidity, including TSI Instruments’ full line of IAQ meters. The monitors are also suitable for work under OSHA and COSHH requirements.

Microbial Sampling

When necessary to collect airborne micro-organisms in such applications as indoor air quality studies, filter and cleanroom efficiency, pharmaceutical production or any environment in which contamination must be controlled; a microbial sampler is quite often the instrument of choice.

Ozone Meters

Ashtead Technology offer ozone monitors to ensure workers safety on the job. Ozone monitors are the perfect solution for applications such IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) surveys, building investigations and monitoring plant emissions in process industries.

Radiation & EMF Meters

Ashtead Technology detectors for Radiation and EMF monitoring. These include the Durridge RAD7 Radon Gas Detector and the Thermo Scientific Mini 900E.

Temperature & Humidity Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks a wide range of temperature and humidity meters including monitors for heat stress analysis, humidity, temperature, dew point, voltage, and current. Whether you are maintaining the integrity of a power plant or simply monitoring humidity in a greenhouse, Ashtead Technology has the ideal instrument for you.

Thermal Inspection Cameras

Ashtead Technology has one of the largest selections of thermal cameras, from leading manufacturers such as FLIR, which are perfect for applications including industrial roofing, mechanical inspection and moisture detection. All of our cameras were built to help you perform quick and accurate scans, enabling you to to pinpoint problem areas of excessive or low temperature.

VOC Detectors (PIDs & FIDs)

Our portable PIDs and FIDs are the perfect solution for VOC monitoring in applications such as hazardous material response, confined space entry and personnel or workplace monitoring. Ashtead Technology provides instruments from leading manufacturers including RAE Systems, ensuring the very best equipment in the industry is available on a rental basis.